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Pick the Right One: Peaches!

February 18, 2019

When you think of summer fruits, peaches immediately spring to mind. Their sweet flavour and luscious texture make them the perfect summer time snack and a fruit bowl staple! Our Market is currently filled with different peaches, each perfect in their own way…

White Peach
Calling the peach “white” refers to the inside flesh – but these delights are also distinguishable from the outside, as they paler and pinker than yellow peaches.  White peaches have a sweet flavor and are more delicate, making them more prone to bruising. We recommend enjoying them fresh and simply, like with ice cream!

Yellow Peach
Yellow peaches are most likely what you picture when you dream of peach season. They have warm, golden inside and deep reddish outside. When you eat them fresh, make sure they are ripe and ready! You can use less ripe ones to cook with, the heat will soften them and release their sugars, making them super sweet! We recommend enjoying yellow peaches with savoury flavours – check out our recipe for our char-grilled peach salad with prosciutto here.

Donut Peach
These little peaches have been popping up around our Market over the last few weeks, grown right here in SA! They have a light flesh and super sweet flavour. PSA: They are slightly less prone to dripping!

Although some people think nectarines are different to peaches, they are almost genetically identical, except for their fuzzy skin! Just like peaches, nectarines come in white and yellow varieties and are just as delicious to enjoy this February!