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Social Media House Rules

Social media house rules
Thank you for being a part of our community.

Our social media channels are where we share information on the latest updates and/or news and happenings in the city. As an open and inclusive community, we welcome any form of interaction (discussion, sharing, reacting) on our social media channels. However, we want to ensure a safe, respectful and considerate environment for our community.

By using or accessing any of the Adelaide Central Market pages, you agree to comply with Adelaide Central Market social media house rules and relevant social media channel’s terms and conditions. Should any interaction violate the guidelines and/or specific social media channel’s terms and conditions, Adelaide Central Market reserves the right to remove the post for the benefit of the community and the page.
External postings by Adelaide Central Market fans to Adelaide Central Market’s social media channels do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Adelaide Central Market, nor does Adelaide Central Market confirm their accuracy.

The following guidelines are designed to facilitate a quality environment for our online community. Please take a minute to read through them and do keep them in mind whenever you participate.

Adelaide Central Market reserves the right to delete comments, links, photos and videos deemed inappropriate.
Types of inappropriate content include information that is:
• Inflammatory, or abusive;
• defamatory, offensive, obscene, vulgar, or that depict violence;
• commercial solicitation or solicitation of donations;
• spam;
• overtly party political;
• encouraging activities illegal in Australia;
• considered bullying and harassment;
• transgressing copyright or intellectual property (IP) laws;
• compromising a person’s privacy or personal details e.g. phone number.

When you engage or interact with Adelaide Central Market’s social media pages, you are using an external website, desktop or smartphone application, and are therefore bound by the privacy principles and terms of use of that platform.
We encourage you to review privacy policies of each social media site for further information and full understanding before interacting with Adelaide Central Market’s social media channels. Any views expressed by third parties are not necessarily the views of Adelaide Central Market.

Adelaide Central Market and the City of Adelaide may record information posted to any of its social media channels for Council purposes. This includes your public social networking account name.

Visit our Privacy Policy page for additional information.