Our Market


Toilet Amenities

Toilet amenities are located on the Western Roadway in Gouger St dining area which include female and male toilets, accessible toilet and parents room. Additional toilet amenities are located on the Western Roadway (closer to Grote St) which includes unisex toilets, an unisex wheelchair accessible toilet and an unisex ambulant toilet.

Parents Room

The new parents room provides a light, bright and private area for parents, making shopping with the littlest members of the family a whole lot easier. Features include automatic door access, concealed cistern with bench, toilet, pram park, feeding chair, nappy bin, change table, phone charging facilities and emergency response buttons (if assistance is required). The Parents Room is located in the Gouger St dining area, along the Western Roadway.


Accessible Toilet
The accessible facility is compliant above the Australian Standard and includes features such as automatic door access, accessible toilet with hand rail, hand wash basin, emergency response buttons (if assistance is required), a shower (with pull down seat) and pull down hygiene support station; which is the only one of its kind in the Western quarter of the CBD. The accessible toilet is located in the Gouger St dining area, along the Western Roadway.
Community Kitchen

The Community Kitchen has been established as a forum to cook, create, taste, discuss ideas and to celebrate the diverse and multicultural community that the Market is known for.  The Market invites traders, producers, growers, and not for profit organisations to enquire about using the kitchen. Click here to apply.



Disabled Access

The Market stalls and shops are accessible by wheelchair. Accessible toilets are also available for visitors along the Western Roadway (Gouger St dining area and closer to Grote St).

Wheelchair Hire

There is a wheelchair available free of charge for visitors. For all bookings please contact the Market Office on 08 8203 7494.

Phone Charging Stations

6 free phone charging locations (USB ports) are available within the Gouger Dining area.

Free Wi-fi

Available throughout the Market.