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Stalls & Leasing

The Market is a unique and diverse food experience within the Adelaide CBD and is located between the Market Arcade (close to Victoria Square/Tarndanyangga) and the Market Plaza (towards Chinatown).

All businesses within the Market are privately owned and operated, predominantly on 5 year leases.

We are always looking for unique food businesses that will complement the existing offer and contribute to the Market’s broader appeal to South Australians and visitors alike.

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Producer In Residence

Expression of Interest

The Adelaide Central Market Authority (ACMA) is seeking small South Australian producers, start up retailers and new eateries to test their products and business idea in the very real marketplace of the Market!  The Producer in Residence is located at the North West Grote Street entrance and the stall is available on a three week casual basis. So if you’re a small producer, start up retailer or eatery with a unique fresh food concept, we’d love to hear from you!

Click here for more information about the Producer In Residence stall.

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