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Adelaide Fringe Show Comfort Food at the Adelaide Central Market!

Adelaide Fringe Show Comfort Food at the Adelaide Central Market!

Australia’s singing cook Michelle Pearson, returns to the Adelaide Central Market to present her award-winning musical food sensation, Comfort Food Cabaret for five shows only!

You’ll be serenaded by the soulful songstress as she creates a delicious menu with produce from the market traders and you’ll taste each dish.

Prepare to be delighted by Michelle’s indulgent cooking, her soulful sound and her heartwarming renditions of popular music accompanied by Foodie-Maestro, Aaron Nash and the bar by the Olive Tree.

Direct from acclaimed performances at Copenhagen’s three Michelin star restaurant Geranium, Edinburgh Fringe, Adelaide Fringe & Tasting Australia and with the help of her Maltese Kitchen Queens, Loren Quinn and Rhiannon Groutsch, get ready for new recipes and a delicious serving of comfort food and cabaret.

Some dietary requirements can be catered for but we’ve love a heads up! Please email

Click here to purchase tickets

World Nutella Day at our Market!

World Nutella Day at our Market!

Celebrate World Nutella Day at our Market! The Nutella craze has taken the world by storm; it first launched in Australia in continental stores during the 1960’s, so naturally we are ready to start the hazelnut party! Let’s go nuts!

The below Traders are dishing up these limited edition Nutella dishes just for you on Tuesday 5 February for World Nutella Day in our Market!

Nutella Crepes – Market Bread Bar (Stall 50)
Nutella Churros – Comida (Stall 11)
Nutella filled zeppole and Nutella macarons – Providore (Stall 66)
Nutella Waffles – The Big Table (Stall 39/40)
Nutella Milkshake and Nutella + Strawberry croissants – Atlas Continental Café (Stall 63)
Nutella French Toast – Zuma Café (Stall GO56)
Nutella Coffee – The Coffee Bean Shop (Stall 58/59)
Nutella Cannoli’s – Marino Meat and Food Store (Stall GO52-54)
Nutella muffin – Dough (Stall 45)

We’ve not forgotten our intolerant friends! You indulge in ‘No-tella’ inspired treats that are raw, vegan and gluten free!

Nutella Smoothie Bowl – The Plantation Juice Co (Stall R17)
Nutella Bombs, Nutella Bar, Nutella Butter – House of Health (Stall 73/74)
Nutella Smoothie Special – JAMU (Stall 69)

We can’t wait to see you!

Find out more and click attending here.

Your Australia Day BBQ

Your Australia Day BBQ

It’s the perfect summers day for firing up the barbecue with your loved ones and enjoying the incredible food our gorgeous country has to offer! We’ve rounded up some of the best Australia Day products you can find in our Market:

Sausages – The team at O’Connell’s Meats (Stall GR47-51) stock a huge range of sausages, including the classics and some gourmet options! Perfect for your Australia Day BBQ!

Burger patty – Is it Australia Day without a burger with the lot? Visit the team from Barossa Fine Foods (Stall 60) for a huge range of burger patty options including beef, pork, chicken  and mixed!

Lamingtons – The guys at House Of Health (Stall73/74) are thinking of all our friends with intolerances and allergies! They have raw lamington slices available this Australia Day for you to purchase! If you’re after the real deal, visit Gourmet to Go (Stall 42)

Kangaroo Kebabs – Want to try something different this Australia Day? Kangaroo kebabs are made fresh by the team at Something Wild (Stall 55), whilst you’re there, grab a bottle of their green ant gin!

Meat Pies – Even Katy Pery agrees, the pies are better at Gourmet to Go (Stall 42)! Visit the team for your Australia Day meat pie as well as range of other incredible pies and baked goods!

Prawns – Chuck a prawn on the barbie they say! Within our Market we have 2 incredible fish mongers, Samtass Bros Seafood (Stall GO46-48) located on the Gouger Street side of our Market, and Cappo’s Fish Market (Stall WR7) located closer to Grote Street, visit them for all your Australia Day seafood needs!

Feeling like you want to raise the bar, why not check out our Australia Day menu for some recipe inspiration!

Your Australia Day Menu!

Your Australia Day Menu!

Have you been handed the tongs and asked to host the annual Australia Day barbecue this year? Never fear, we have planned your menu ahead! Follow these easy recipes for a glorious day, celebrating our incredible nation!

Kick the day off with this easy and fresh summer punch. It’s perfect for sipping all through the day and uses seasonal summer produce. Bonus points if you use an Australian branded ginger beer!

Wet your guests appetites with this simple prawn cocktail & avocado salsa cup recipe. It’s light and super easy to pull together. You could even get make the cocktail sauce from the night before.

The main event needs to be ironically Australian, but we’ve given it a slight twist! Make your hotdogs sing and use red capsicum and homemade salsa verde to wow your guests and make our chorizo hotdog recipe!

They say you can’t make friends with salad, but have you tried our green salad with quinoa, mint and feta, it’s a show stopper and a friend maker. Trust us!

Finish the day with this delicious lemon pavlova! It’s refreshing touch of lemon is perfect for a summers day, and a great end to your Australia Day feast!