Bastille Day Specialities at Our Market!

July 10, 2018

Join in the frivolity and celebrate our Bastille Day at our Market! Imagine you are strolling through the streets of Paris, with the Arc de Triomphe in view, and discover the array of French specialities available!

Market Bread Bar (Stall 50)
Freshly made crepes, croissants, fresh baguettes

Bakers Delight (Stall GR45)
Brand new brioche collection

Wild Loaf (Stall 43)
Locally made pastries

Jamface Central (Stall 28/29)
Speciality French sweets

Les Deux Coqs (Stall 2)
A limited edition French Meat Pie, French Charcuterie including terrines rillettes pâté en croûte saucissons sausages and French specialities like croque monsieur and house-made ham and cheese croissants

Atlas Continental (Stall 63)
Freshly made almond and chocolate croissants

Dough (Stall 45)
Freshly baked pastries, baguettes and artisan crackers

Barossa Fine Foods (Stall 60)
Locally made saucisson and terrine

Charcuterie Traiteur (Stall WR4)
Charcuterie platters, saucisson, range of cured meats

O’Connells Meats (GR47-51)
Limited edition Jambon Persille

Sevenhill Fine Foods (Stall 5)
Escagot, and locally made French Bacon

The Smelly Cheese Shop (Stall 44)
Specially imported French cheeses

Corner Deli (Stall 71)
Pre-made grazing boards, range of pickled delights, French cheeses and cured meats

Vegas Poultry (Stall 62)
French inspired chicken roulades

Con’s Fine Foods (Stall 18/19)
French cheeses, cured meats, large range of pickled food, crackers

Jagger Fine Foods (Stall 38)
Escagot, French-inspired dips, artisan crackers, range of pickled delights

Central Market Flowers (Stall 7)
French Lavender

Mushroom Man’s Mushroom Shop (Stall 68)
Black Truffles

T-Bar (Stall G044)
French Tea

Bon Appetit!