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Community Kitchen update

Community Kitchen update

The Adelaide Central Market is a multicultural community of people; traders, producers, artisans, chefs and restaurateurs all who share a passion for quality food.  It’s for this reason that the Community Kitchen has been established; a forum to cook, create, taste, discuss ideas and to celebrate the diverse and multicultural community that the Market is known for.

The Market welcomes community groups to celebrate National days and important occasions by sharing food, culture and music at the Community Kitchen.  The Community Kitchen available free of charge (conditions apply).

The Community Kitchen is newly renovated and incorporates a gas cooktop, electric oven, BBQ grill plate, sink with hot and cold water, LCD screens, PA system and an extensive selection of cookware and utensils.

Click here to submit your expression of interest to use the Community Kitchen.

Arcade Redevelopment

Arcade Redevelopment

The Adelaide Central Market Authority (ACMA) has confirmed the Adelaide Central Market will be open for business as usual during the City of Adelaide’s redevelopment of the neighbouring Central Market Arcade.

ACMA welcomed the announcement of plans for the once in a generation redevelopment due to commence in 2021 and feature a central hall, public rooftop garden, child care centre, hotel, apartments and offices which will grow what’s best about the iconic Adelaide Central Market and enrich the Market District and city as whole.

ACMA looks forward to working with the City of Adelaide to achieve the vision for the redevelopment which will extend the Market offer and provide a thriving mixed-use place, complementing the vital role of the Adelaide Central Market as a hub of food and culture in the city.

The Authority will work closely with the City of Adelaide throughout the redevelopment project to ensure it is business as usual for Market traders and customers and maintain normal trading hours at all times.

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