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Welcome to our new Producer in Residence… Cakeboy Donuts!

Welcome to our new Producer in Residence… Cakeboy Donuts!

We are thrilled to welcome Cakeboy Donuts to our Producer in Residence Stall! Rolled and raised by owners, Jules and Erin, Cakeboy is offering a vegan and organic alternative to your regular donut! The donuts are also refined sugar free, until you put the icing on. The team have an incredible range of regular donuts like Twix, Peanut Butter Pretzel and Chocolate, but they also create amazing limited editions through the week. Visit them today – they are in our Market till 2nd of March!

Adelaide Fringe Show Comfort Food at the Adelaide Central Market!

Adelaide Fringe Show Comfort Food at the Adelaide Central Market!

Australia’s singing cook Michelle Pearson, returns to the Adelaide Central Market to present her award-winning musical food sensation, Comfort Food Cabaret for five shows only!

You’ll be serenaded by the soulful songstress as she creates a delicious menu with produce from the market traders and you’ll taste each dish.

Prepare to be delighted by Michelle’s indulgent cooking, her soulful sound and her heartwarming renditions of popular music accompanied by Foodie-Maestro, Aaron Nash and the bar by the Olive Tree.

Direct from acclaimed performances at Copenhagen’s three Michelin star restaurant Geranium, Edinburgh Fringe, Adelaide Fringe & Tasting Australia and with the help of her Maltese Kitchen Queens, Loren Quinn and Rhiannon Groutsch, get ready for new recipes and a delicious serving of comfort food and cabaret.

Some dietary requirements can be catered for but we’ve love a heads up! Please email

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World Nutella Day at our Market!

World Nutella Day at our Market!

Celebrate World Nutella Day at our Market! The Nutella craze has taken the world by storm; it first launched in Australia in continental stores during the 1960’s, so naturally we are ready to start the hazelnut party! Let’s go nuts!

The below Traders are dishing up these limited edition Nutella dishes just for you on Tuesday 5 February for World Nutella Day in our Market!

Nutella Crepes – Market Bread Bar (Stall 50)
Nutella Churros – Comida (Stall 11)
Nutella filled zeppole and Nutella macarons – Providore (Stall 66)
Nutella Waffles – The Big Table (Stall 39/40)
Nutella Milkshake and Nutella + Strawberry croissants – Atlas Continental Café (Stall 63)
Nutella French Toast – Zuma Café (Stall GO56)
Nutella Coffee – The Coffee Bean Shop (Stall 58/59)
Nutella Cannoli’s – Marino Meat and Food Store (Stall GO52-54)
Nutella muffin – Dough (Stall 45)

We’ve not forgotten our intolerant friends! You indulge in ‘No-tella’ inspired treats that are raw, vegan and gluten free!

Nutella Smoothie Bowl – The Plantation Juice Co (Stall R17)
Nutella Bombs, Nutella Bar, Nutella Butter – House of Health (Stall 73/74)
Nutella Smoothie Special – JAMU (Stall 69)

We can’t wait to see you!

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