Our Market


Busking Application

Busking opportunities are available on selected Market days in Gouger and Grote Street dining areas. 

For the safety and wellbeing of everyone, the following criteria apply:

  • groups are limited to a maximum of two people
  • performers under 16 will only be permitted to busk outside school hours and during daylight hours and must have written permission from a parent or guardian
  • the busking permit is for valid for one month
  • if under 12 years of age, the performer must be constantly supervised by a parent/guardian and only perform in daylight hours

The additional specific conditions apply to ensure public safety:

  • Performances must be within designated areas – Gouger and Grote St dining 
  • Amplification is not permitted, unless approved prior to performance
  • Maintaining pedestrian flow and access in our Market during your performance

Please complete a busking form to submit your request for consideration. 

  1. Performers must keep a copy of their confirmed busking permit on you at all times.
  2. All performers must act in a respectable, professional and honest manner at all times.
  3. There is no fee payable to the Adelaide Central Market Authority (ACMA), nor is there any payment to the performer.
  4. All performers must follow all directives of ACMA and Market Security, and understand that your application may be refused or revoked at any time without notice.
  5. Performers must not be intoxicated or under the influence of any substance whilst performing and be fit and proper.
  6. All performers must comply with all conditions of this permit, Australian Laws and Legislation.
  7. If under 12 years of age, be constantly supervised by a parent guardian, and have consent by way of signature on this form.
  8. If between 12 and 16 years of age, have consent from by a parent or guardian by way of signature on this form.
  9. Busking is only available for Gouger and Grote St dining areas, unless otherwise specified.
  10. The performer must have written confirmation from ACMA in advance to perform.
  11. Performers are limited to a maximum of two time slots per month (one Friday, one Saturday) .
  12. Performers must perform only in the area as directed by ACMA .
  13. Performers may be asked to stop by ACMA or Market Security if a number of complaints are received about loud or inappropriate music.
  14. There is limited access to power in some areas, which may be accessed.
  15. Performer’s CDs and DVDs that relate directly to their performance may be displayed and sold at the place of performance.
  16. Performers may not approach the public to ask for payment, nor charge a specific fee for their performance.
  17. The performer must not cause damage, litter or soil the Market surfaces at any time. Should damage occur, the performer will be financially liable.
  18. The performer must not leave any equipment in a position that may create a hazard or risk to the public.
  19. This permit is valid for 1 month and only valid if signed by an ACMA representative.